So this week being my first, I decided that I’d post a comic every single day from Monday through Friday. That was folks can get an idea of the sorts of things I’ll be posting on a more reasonable schedule. Right now my plan is to alternate weeks–one week I’ll post one long-form comic (like yesterday’s) on Tuesday, and the next week I’ll post two one-page comics, one on Tuesday and one on Thursday.

Here’s one where I was figuring out the finickiness of the lighter colors–and learning that I really need to be mindful of my margins, as the shading on the left side shows. Normally I’d just color select and delete, but since so much of the background is gray it actually affected the entire thing, and my GIMP skills are too rudimentary to really be able to do much else. Still, later comics have given me more opportunities for fine tuning, so I’m leaving this one as a record of where I started out.

Species Portrayed: Some random seedling (species unspecified)