I love banana slugs, and when I take people out for guided hikes I always point out the slugs we see along the way (not the least reason of which being so that the molluscs don’t get stepped on.) I like to joke that they come in three colors: store-fresh (bright yellow), just-ripe (yellow with spots), and banana-bread (dark brown to black). I also can’t help but sing a little banana slug song to the tune of Raffi’s “Bananaphone“, and you’re welcome for the earworm.

One technical note: to be precise, banana slugs lay eggs rather than carrying young inside themselves, so it’s not pregnancy in the way we think of it. The ink was already dry on the paper when I thought of that distinction, though, so you’re also stuck with the mental image of mutually preggers slugs.

Also, I am ridiculously proud of the spotting on the actual banana in this comic. I can’t shade worth a darn, but I sure can smudge!

Species portrayed: Pacific banana slug (Ariolimax columbianus), Cavendish banana (domestic cultivar of Musa acuminata)