My name is D.K. Cissel. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I am a (mostly) self-taught illustrator and comics creator working in ink and alcohol markers. I’m probably older than you think I am. Predictably, I enjoy outdoor activities ranging from hiking to kayaking to soaking up sunshine on a lazy June day.

I don’t have a formal background in biology thanks to my abysmal math skills, but I’m an active citizen scientist and volunteer. I enjoy environmental education of all kinds, particularly when I have the opportunity to inspire people to feel awe, wonder and joy about nature.

What You Need To Know About Nature is my attempt to channel my efforts into a medium that is popular, accessible, and easy to share. I use a combination of Le Plume and Copic markers and pens, and I’d like to upgrade my scanner someday. I’m also learning as I go with regards to my skills; the comic has been a great opportunity to draw life forms I’ve never tried before, and to play with techniques.

If you find an error in one of my comics, if you want to get permission to reproduce them beyond sharing them online for fun, or if you just want to chat naturey things with me, contact options are here. Generally speaking I’m going to be okay with non-commercial reproduction wherever, and you can also use my work as reference materials for your own art; I just don’t want entire comics published for money without my being involved.