I was a bit obsessed with wolves when I was a kid (until my teens when I became a wannabe horse girl for a few years.) Since then my appreciation for nature has expanded to include all species, up to and including mosquitoes, but I still have a soft spot for wolves, especially Canis lupus. Various books have explored why western humans have expended so much hatred and violence on wolves over the past several centuries, though my favorite is still Barry Holstun Lopez’ classic Of Wolves and Men. The wolf’s reputation began to be salvaged a couple of decades before I was born, when the 20th century environmental movement really got started and made use of better gray wolf research from the 1950s onward, so I came of age at a time when the “big bad wolf” was beginning to be replaced by the “charismatic symbol of the wild”.

Really, though, they deserve to be appreciated on their own merits, not for however we apply our subjective values them, just like all species. I have another quote for that concept that I’ll address in a later comic, though.

Species portrayed: gray wolf (Canis lupus)