Cute Baby Bird Stickers and More!

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Over the weekend I drew a blue jay fledgling as part of a WIP comic, and really had fun with it! So I decided to give her a few friends, including a fledgling robin from a previous comic, plus a cardinal, a crow, and the ugly-but-so-darn-cute baby pigeon. All five birds are available as stickers and other merch over at my Redbubble shop. If you have any other species you’d like to see added to the collection, let me know, too. And as always I am open for general art commissions!

[Commissioned Art] The Disabled Hiker’s Guide

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A while back I was commissioned to create this sticker art for the Disabled Hikers Guide IndieGoGo campaign. That campaign has been live for a few weeks now, and since this is the time in which contributions often slump I thought I’d give it a little boost. Why support this project? Here’s what the book is about, as per the IndieGoGo at :

The Disabled Hiker’s Guide to Western Washington and Oregon: 60 outdoor adventures accessible by car, wheelchair, and foot elevates the needs of disabled folks and brings diverse disability representation to the outdoor publishing industry. It will be the first book of its kind to consider the diverse needs of disabled people in the outdoors. The book will remove one of the barriers to access — a lack of information – by utilizing a difficulty rating system and detailed trail information designed for the disability community.

This groundbreaking guidebook will feature 60 outdoor adventures, including approximately:

  • 20% drive-up experiences
  • 20% wheelchair accessible trails
  • 50% trails in the 1-3 difficulty rating
  • 10% in the 4-5 difficulty rating.

The Disabled Hiker’s Guide will also contain additional hiking tips, resources, and Indigenous land acknowledgments and information. This flagship book sets a precedent for more guides written by disabled hikers for disabled hikers.

It’s filling a niche that’s very much needed, and I for one would like to see it happen. Please reblog/share wherever you think it might find interested people! Again, that link is