Mt. St. Helens – 5-18-1980

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So where were you when St. Helens blew?

Here’s what I’ve been building up to the past two months! I had originally planned a longer comic, but I decided to stick to the events of the day. I’d like to do at least a couple of aftermath comics talking about the cleanup and other events in the wake of this natural disaster. So look for those in the weeks to come. A lot of people stop thinking about MSH after the anniversary of the eruption, but there’s so much that happened afterward that I want to share. Some of it is to do with the geological, hydrological and biological effects of such a huge eruption, but there are also specifically human stories I want to look at as well.

Also, I love how this comic series shows how I’ve been evolving as an artist. I had to challenge myself to draw things that I find difficult: the ash cloud, the mountain itself, and other details that aren’t my usual forte. But each time I draw, I get better, and that makes it worth all the time and effort.

If you’ve missed the previous installments in the Mt. St. Helens series, click here! They’ll be in reverse order, but there aren’t that many to click through. Also, as a reminder, if you want to support my work and help me pay for things like art supplies and webhosting, there are a couple of options at

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