The 52 Nature Awareness Challenge

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One of my goals with this comic is to get people outside more. What that looks like, though, varies from person to person. Not everyone is able to get up and do a new trail every week, or try something new to them like horseback riding or kayaking. The 52 Nature Awareness Challenge was created by Disabled Hikers, a resource site for people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and other conditions that can limit mobility. You can find out more about the challenge here. I also think the rest of the site has a lot of good resources, and not just for disabled people. I found it eye-opening and it showed me how many ways I often make the assumption that others can go to the same places and see the same things I do. I am not disabled, but I have friends who are, and I’m happy to see there’s a resource to help them enjoy the great outdoors as well as educate everyone about accessibility and nature.

Species portrayed: frigid bumblebee (Bombus frigidus), domesticated aster (Asteraceae sp.)

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